Emily Dickinson Palimpsest

Because I could not stop for Death
I texted my friend Marcie
To grab him and we hooked up later
At Club Immortality.

We slow-danced — grooving
To a soft tune
That made us sway until
It jammed hard, Suddenly–

We whirled past the Pit
Where kids like to Grind
And Strobes flashed — so hot
We couldn’t tell

What was What — shivering
With sweat my dress
about to slide off — Dizzy
Death said — Let’s Chill

We paused at the Bar
Kind of a bummer — crowded
No room to sit or even
Put down your Drink–

Since then it’s been ages — but–
Just today Death texted me
And said Let’s try this
New dive called “Eternity”

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