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Yep, that's the promo card from the ludicrously ambitious Seventh Game of the World Series project, in which I learned a lot about putting on an event of this size and scope, had a lot of fun, spent a lot of money, and (hopefully) entertained a few people. Actually, the cast did amazingly well considering what we had to go through to get there, and most people seemed to enjoy the play a lot. We're currently working on doing a studio recording of some of the songs from the production, so that may be available soon...

For now, you can listen to a sample here.

Another project that's been occupying quite a bit of time is Modest Proposal Press, which I founded with some of my fellow students in Diane di Prima's workshop. Basically, it's a co-op press; everyone puts in a certain amount of money, and we take turns publishing folks' work. I'm currently about to publish the second book in this series, Splinter by Joan Marie Wood; the first was Tree of Death by Nancy Wirth. Many titles to come.

Finally, I've been hosting readings at the apartment I share with my girlfriend Diane in the outer Richmond. So far the readers have included kari edwards, Michael Smoler, Stephanie Young, Elizabeth Robinson, David Hess, Duncan McNaughton, and many others. The idea of holding apartment readings was something I borrowed from E. Robinson, who hosts a wonderful series in her Berkeley backyard during the summer, and there are others happening as well. I hope to build a schedule with all the various home readings that I know about soon.

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