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Actually, you are NOT f*kin perfect…

Take a look at these: Christina Aguilera – Beautiful (Official Music Video)Christina Aguilera Pink – Fkin Perfect – Official Music Video – YouClubVideo. Katy Perry, “Firework” I’m not sure when it was, exactly, that we became a nation of Stuart … Continue reading

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More on Labor, Sports, and Wealth Distribution

The NFL owners and players are sitting down with a mediator to try to work out a labor agreement (the current one expires March 3). Today the first vague report of “some progress” has trickled out about the negotiations, which … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Union

A most remarkable assault on unions is taking shape across the land. Not only are public service unions responsible for breaking the state budget, according to Wisconsin Governor (and Tea Party favorite) Scott Walker, but St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony … Continue reading

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Stewart v. Cramer — Comedian v. Clown

A few thoughts on this: First, we saw John Stewart talk last fall at UB. I came away impressed not only by how funny he is, but how smart and incisive his analysis of current political issues is. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Uncle Tom / Invisible Man

More from Invisible Man: I turned away, bending and searching the dirty snow for anything missed by my eyes, and my fingers closed upon something resting in a frozen footstep: a fragile paper, coming apart with age, written in black … Continue reading

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Invisible no more

As I waited for the results to start coming in this evening, I found it somehow appropriate to be reading, for a class, Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man. I had just finished the part of the book when the main character, … Continue reading

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One more day…

I’m excited to wake up and go vote tomorrow. Something big’s happening, and it’s a weird, good feeling to be a part of it. I don’t have much faith in politicians any more of any stripe. The last campaign I … Continue reading

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