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Kalamazoo 2016 Redux

I just returned from my seventh International Medieval Congress in Kalamazoo, MI. As always, I had a great time, emerging both exhausted from the whirlwind of activity and socializing, and exhilarated from the stimulating and provocative discussions. This Kalamazoo felt … Continue reading

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The Poop of the System

I was lying on an air mattress on the floor of my friend Steven’s apartment in Los Angeles when I woke to an email from Prof. Johnson.* It was the first weekend of August, and I had scraped together some … Continue reading

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Property of the English Dept.

Now that I’m about halfway through the third year of my PhD program — which means, theoretically, I’m about halfway done, though in reality who knows — I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on why I’m choosing to … Continue reading

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Art, Culture, the Humanities — A Eulogy

The other day, Stanley Fish wrote in his NY Times column about the academic suicide being committed by SUNY-Albany, which has decided to cut its French, Italian, classics, and Theater programs. The students currently getting degrees in those subjects will … Continue reading

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New Hockey Cards!

Below are two of the six different cards I created for my print media class this semester. Needless to say, the theme was hockey, and each card (fold-out, 5×7) also has a two-word hockey term printed on the front. Some … Continue reading

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Some Things

Here are two sites I’ve been looking at for my printmaking class at UB this fall. Printeresting A Good Idea on Paper On the weirder side, Paul Zukofsky loses it.

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My Summer as an Undergrad

In order to get the language study I need for my degree, this summer I took an undergraduate Latin intensive through the Classics Department at UB. With two weeks to go in the second section of the class, I’m taking … Continue reading

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