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Kalamazoo 2016 Redux

I just returned from my seventh International Medieval Congress in Kalamazoo, MI. As always, I had a great time, emerging both exhausted from the whirlwind of activity and socializing, and exhilarated from the stimulating and provocative discussions. This Kalamazoo felt … Continue reading

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Against Progress: Pastoral and Innovation in Medieval and Renaissance Poetry

A Roundtable at the 51st International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, MI, May 12-15, 2016. Abandon then the base and viler clowne, Lyft up they selfe out of the lowly dust: And sing of bloody Mars, of wars, of … Continue reading

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Recent Publications

Some recent publication news as projects and poems slowly come to fruition and rise to the surface: Thrilled to be in the latest issue of Press Board Press volume 2, edited by Patrick Riedy et al. The piece I have … Continue reading

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Gloucester / Kalamazoo postscript

Drove around the corner to Forest Automotive this morning to drop off the car for routine service, saw this scrawled on the chalkboard next to the front desk: Asked the mechanic about it — he said his father really likes … Continue reading

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