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Holy Sonnet 3

Unfriend me, haters, crop me out of yr selfie which is the world; leave me like a fuckboi after a midnight booty call — look, then swipe me away to online oblivion, a bad date with a dad bod and … Continue reading

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The 12 Waters

[Note: Over the next month or so I plan to update and redesign the blog, and return to ‘hard-hitting commentary’ and thoughts on contemporary poetics. Meanwhile, a little tale from my notebooks to while away the time…] Hung came in … Continue reading

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Three Sonnets

A Sonnet Wings spread like the man slicking his hair over the water fountain in Buena Vista Park the gulls soar out into the air above the pond, gently lapping, heavy breathing of a woman power walking which suddenly stops … Continue reading

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“The Raiséd Eyebrow” (from Spleen, 3)

11.18.98 “I was so annoyed, I was like, ‘Ugh, this is so annoying’” * We all forced a smile onto her face * I give the blonde at the counter my order but immediately change my mind. Nevertheless, as if … Continue reading

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from Spleen, 2

04.28.98 One minute in the life of the world is going by. Paint it as it is. —Cezanne 05.01.98 An old man in a classic bum suit and slouch hat sitting on the ledge outside the bank, legs and arms … Continue reading

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From The White Album (5)

All day long, I stare into their mouths. The trick is that I’ve trained myself not to think of them as mouths. It’s like when you stare at someone’s face long enough, it turns into something else. Something quite alien. … Continue reading

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from Spleen

01.26.99 M. came into the office this morning, worked quietly for an hour, and then suddenly announced to G. (who sat in the cubicle next to her) that she got married yesterday. The news spread like a virus, until people … Continue reading

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