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This Book (a work in progress)

This book doesn’t want you to put it down. Honestly, the book says. It’s not of glue, paper ink it’s not succinct. This book wants you to work on your slapshot. This book has a title: It’s Not You, It’s … Continue reading

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New Hockey Cards!

Below are two of the six different cards I created for my print media class this semester. Needless to say, the theme was hockey, and each card (fold-out, 5×7) also has a two-word hockey term printed on the front. Some … Continue reading

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From The White Album (4)

In the dream, the ball is bouncing towards me. Only every time it touches the grass, it splits in two. One ball, two balls, four balls, eight. I can see each of them clearly and I spread my arms out … Continue reading

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from The White Album (3)

The first time I disappeared it was an accident. We were in the department store. One minute we were walking in the aisle, there were bodies around, racks full of coats, shirts, slacks, pegged pants hanging stiff and straight as … Continue reading

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from The White Album (2)

There are people walking around with no souls. I don’t know. They just don’t have them. You just know. Like… they were born without them, or whether they’ve lost them, who can say. You can lose your soul. Fear. Laziness. … Continue reading

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from The White Album (1)

I took a long drink of water and, like, started crying. I was sitting in the bathtub. It was late afternoon, evening really, and I thought I’d take a quick bath before dinner. But when I raised the sports jug … Continue reading

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Notes towards Drawings of Staircases

Also, thinking on the metaphor of drawing perspectives of staircases and all….. Isn’t the point of these kinds of exercises to make you pay attention, to make you see by having to draw something rudimentary, by making you create with … Continue reading

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