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Holy Sonnet 2

Death, don’t talk trash — look at the scoreboard. No matter how many threes you splash through the net in my face, there is one Big Three that wipes away all your boards, your points. Any star with a killer … Continue reading

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Holy Sonnet 1

Batter-up to my heart, triple-threat God you who can hit harder than a slugger on ‘roids staring down a pitcher who’s got nothing left in his arm, a hanging curve looped right over the plate, square up and smash that … Continue reading

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Here’s a new chapbook I just made of some of the “sports”-themed poems I’ve written over the years, and which have been published here and there in journals. Inside: “Baseball–an Elegy,” “Running Diary,” “Football Poem,” and “The Invention of Baseball.” … Continue reading

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More on Labor, Sports, and Wealth Distribution

The NFL owners and players are sitting down with a mediator to try to work out a labor agreement (the current one expires March 3). Today the first vague report of “some progress” has trickled out about the negotiations, which … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Union

A most remarkable assault on unions is taking shape across the land. Not only are public service unions responsible for breaking the state budget, according to Wisconsin Governor (and Tea Party favorite) Scott Walker, but St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony … Continue reading

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From The White Album (4)

In the dream, the ball is bouncing towards me. Only every time it touches the grass, it splits in two. One ball, two balls, four balls, eight. I can see each of them clearly and I spread my arms out … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Steve Yzerman

Longtime Detroit Red Wings captain and three-time Stanley Cup winner Steve Yzerman was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame last night, along with several other great players. I still remember when the Wings drafted Yzerman, and the long march … Continue reading

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