Jack Spicer Talk / Reading in Boston

What a wonderful, stimulating, exhausting weekend. Lots of great talk about Jack Spicer with Dan Remein, getting to see Robert Stanton and Dianne Berg and John Wagner, meeting and hanging out with Boyd Nielson, seeing Rich Owens again, driving out to Gloucester to meet Garret Lansing, as well as David Rich and Amanda Cook, heading out to Maine to hang out and drink scotch and talk about poetry some more.

“Jack Spicer and the English Department,” talk delivered at the Center for Marxist Education in Boston, April 25, 2014 as part of the Scrutiny Series.

Reading from Book IV of the Aeneid. Rich’s camera kept cutting out during the reading at the CME, so we did some of it over again in the car on the way down the freeway headed to Logan airport.

Also: Dan Remein’s talk and reading.



A series of things I have
to do so I can do
other things. All of them
line up perfectly. I can
see them although I cannot
reach to the end.
The opposite of my body
which I can touch but
not see, groping along
into this new body built
of these endless things

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