John Donne Palimpsest

As virtuous men pass mildly away
And click ‘delete’ on their life’s file,
Messaging their FB friends to say
I’m checking out, but with a smile:

Let’s not freak out and make a scene
Cuz if we do, we’ll lose all cred;
Stop blubbering like a silly teen
Who’s just been told her puppy’s dead.

Like when someone pulls a fire alarm—
A dickish move, though no one died;
But a real fire does way more harm
Than making people wait outside.

We’re better than those fools who just
Want to get laid and can’t deal
With being apart, because lust
Is the only thing they really feel.

I feel you, baby; we’re secure
Enough in our love that absence
Makes the heart grow fonder, more sure
Of each other despite the distance.

So, by that logic, even though
I have to ghost, it’s like I’m here;
In fact, the farther away I go
It’s like, the closer I draw near.

Your kiss is like a tweet gone viral
That gets retweeted endlessly
Trending #love; it spirals
Around the world, and back to me.

And even though – stay with me, now—
That tweet (your kiss) is everywhere,
I’ll give it the emoji ‘Wow!’
And that, my dear, I’ll never share.

You are to me a perfect piece
Of code that nobody can hack;
Your algorithms give release
To me, but keep me looping back.

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