More Aran Pics

Susan, Jack, Evelyn, Jessica, and I stop for lunch

Across from our lunch spot

View from Dun Aengus

Evelyn inspired by her favorite place

Connor and Steve enjoy the view

John, Jack, Jessica, and Cameron perched on a cliff

My new home on the island

Seacht Teampall

or the “Seven Churches,” ruins of a monastary / graveyard

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5 Responses to More Aran Pics

  1. Andrew N says:

    Good pictures! Dun Aengus is my favorite place on the planet (at least that I’ve been too.) The first time I was there it was February. The weather was cold, it was raining, and the sea was angry, chucking ice spears at us as we made the ascent. Somewhere I’ve got some pictures of me foolishly hanging off the edge.

    Hope you’re having a good time. Can’t see why not.

  2. Micah says:

    Looks fantastique – in the most mysterious sense of the word.

  3. dhad says:

    glad you like em. andrew, did you do the ireland trip with nancy and steve, or did you just visit once and return?

    that february trip sounds pretty intense. it was (as you see) sunny and warm. some people came back with sunburn, though we were only there for a few hours total.

    there’s a lot of angsting going on among our group re. the increasing commercialization of the arans, but in the end, the islands are still the islands. the geography hasn’t changed.

  4. Andrew N says:

    I was there in the Spring 2000 semester for a study abroad program at my undergraduate school. At that time, the only commercial thing there was a Spar. The place was relatively desolate. What’s going on there now? McDonalds? Starbucks? Poetry Magazine?

    Regardless, I’d still love to go back. I wrote a paper about Dun Aengus for an Irish Mythology class. I think I argued that the place was for fornicating. (As was the theme of most of my undergrad papers).

    Looking forward to more pictures of your odyssey…

  5. dhad says:

    no, poetry magazine has not yet colonized it, no starbucks, but kilronan is pretty built up. lots of little souvenir shops. supposedly there’s even a ‘red light district.’

    the main thing is that the place is absolutely overrun during the daytime, then it completely dies out when the afternoon ferry leaves. tourists swarm all over the island from noonish to four, then they’re gone. it was nice being there after that.

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