Some Kind of Idea at the Coast

‘She sang beyond the genius of the sea.’
…the fuck’s that mean?
Tony, you seen this?
‘She sang beyond the genius of the sea…
The water never formed’ (the fuck?)
Look, all I know is this babe was singing
By the edge of the sea, and we were there.

Why was she singing? Who knows?
It’s not like they were passing out programs.
The tune was familiar somehow, but also not,
Like you could hum along and almost
Know the words, but to say that what she sang
Was somehow involved with the wind
And the waves — that’s nuts, OK?

It was just her singing. She was hot,
Sure, but the sea was out there doing
What it does, moving in the light
As the light moved — ‘Hey,’ said Tony,
‘You gotta light?’ and someone gave him one
So we could toke up while she sang.

If it was only her standing there singing
With the sea behind her, that would’ve been cool.
But there were all kinds of tourists and folks
On vacation, kids running around screaming
Their asses off while moms chased them,
Guys with massive pot-bellies wearing Speedos
And lots of bad hair and tattoos on display.
Yet even though we were getting hungry
And we wanted a burger and maybe some of that
Fancy ice cream they were selling,
Something about her voice made us
Stick around.

I don’t know if some of us thought
We could hit on her or what.
She just kept right on singing, as if
None of us were there, kind of like
The sea I guess, which kept moving and slamming
Against the rocks, she was making shit happen
You had to admit and we were conscious of
How we were following her around as she walked
In a stalker-ish kind of way
But by that point we couldn’t help it.

Yo, Tony, you remember how
when that babe finally stopped and we turned
around the sun had sort of slid down
Like a giant pizza off the edge of
The sky and you could see little squares
Of light in all the windows of the bars
And bungalows and we stood there
For a while, going like, ‘Woah’?

Man it was trippy. Tony
Said something kinda profound, although
You really had to be there.
And then we all just faded off
In the fading light towards other stuff.

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