Various Things

It’s a year since I hopped on this plane with Tina

to see this view of her hometown, Maribor

and then flew to Cork (not on the same plane)

to hang out with this group from Texas State

A lot’s happened since then. We’ve been in Buffalo, enjoying the weather (though it’s raining today) and the tastes. Tina’s been blogging and posting images here.

Couldn’t help checking out the weather in Cork right now: it’s 57 degrees F and drizzly, just the way I remember it. There’s a new group there now with Steve and Nancy, exploring the town and country.

In other news, Micah Robbins, publisher of Interbirth Books, has posted images of the book he’s working on for Mary Burger. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product, and reading with Mary next month in California.

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  1. Tina. says:

    Actually, I’m enjoying this rain as well.

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