Crass Songs of Sand & Brine

I’m pleased to announce this new chapbook by Micah Robbins, publisher of Interbirth Books. Thanks to Micah, as well as to Richard Owens and Clifford Riley for helping design the cover.

We are the kids in black — night-worn
hangers-on tired and out of smokes
piss wasted — dead in the eye

watching shubie legs pump rusted pedals
rattle hoary boards as they pass
the pavilion — ours taken in the night

12pp. Letter-press cover designed by Richard Owens and Clifton Riley. Hand-sewn. Habenicht Press, 2010. $7 plus shipping.

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2 Responses to Crass Songs of Sand & Brine

  1. Kent Johnson says:

    Congratulations to MIcah! Really looking forward to seeing this.

    And good timing with the first issue of Sous les Paves.



  2. dhadbawnik says:


    thanks, and i can’t wait to hear what you think… it’s a wonderful little book.


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