kadar koli 6 is here!

Cover image by j/j hastain. Contributors: Zack Finch, Geoffrey Gatza, j/j hastain, Henri Deluy (trans. Jacqueline Kari), Edmond Caldwell, Micah Robbins, The Rejection Group, Sarah Jeanne Peters, Josh Stanley, John Hyland, Robin F. Brox, Brenda Iijima, Morani Kornberg-Weiss.

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2 Responses to kadar koli 6 is here!

  1. Hi – do you ship outside of the U.S.? I’m interested in getting some of these titles and I live in Asia. Thanks.

  2. Mark Lee says:

    I just ordered kadar koli 6 via paypal, but it didn’t include a section to pay for overseas shipping (I’m in Korea). If possible, I’d like to pay for the extra shipping charges. Please send me a link. Thanks!

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