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April 11, 2003: Duncan McNaughton and Roger Snell

I had met Duncan in Rainbow Grocery, where I recognized him from a reading he'd given at Canessa Park with Ammiel Alcalay. We stood in the bread aisle and talked about baseball. Roger I met through Dale Smith. We eventually lived together on Lyon St. and, despite that, have gone on to become the best of friends. Roger is a great printer who has own Sardines Press, having published books by Nicole Burrows and Betsy Andrews so far, along with numerous broadsides. He's a great poet with two small books of his own out, The Morning (Given Press) and Of Light Reflected (Skanky Possum). He's also a new daddy. This reading was pretty subdued, not many souls ventured out for it, but the work was fantastic. Duncan read for a long time from several of his books, and the depth of what he's doing with words gradually sinks into you on the power of his rich, deep voice and wry tone. Roger always mines surprising humor out of his sparse, tight poems.

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