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December 20, 2002: kari edwards and Michael Smoler

Michael Smoler is a dear friend and wonderful poet who lived briefly in San Francisco but left a deep impression on many, including myself and kari edwards. He's the one who goaded me into doing the series in the first place -- something I'd long talked about doing, now that Moving Target was clearly and finally defunct, and finally had the space for. "Why don't you have me and kari read?" he said. I remember his wonderful tribute to Jack Spicer, and his even more phenomenal take on Kerouac's SF Blues. kari read from her new book a day in the life of p. (subpress), and afterwards answered questions on her approach to writing and use of personal pronouns. She has since published the fascinating Iduna (O Books). I had just moved in and there was a Christmas tree in the corner of the studio where we hold the readings. Michael moved to New York soon after this.

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