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December 19, 2003: Stuart Bousel

The annual Christmas reading was done this year by Stuart Bousel, who is a playwright. Stuart starred as Louis Lalime in my musical The Seventh Game of the World Series, and I subsequently helped out with his own play Speak to Me in various capacities. Stuart has another play coming up, titled Troijka and based on a play by Jean Genet. He mentioned that he wanted to give it a reading before going into rehearsals next month, and I thought it'd be the perfect thing to round out the season here. Just a couple of nights after Stuart had generously treated a bunch of us to the new Lord of the Rings movie, we gathered in the reading room to divvy up the parts and read his play. I snagged the part of the hero, and we all had a great time reading this funny and moving work. Actors apparently don't eat as much as poets, because there was a lot of food left over.

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