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May 9, 2003: Elizabeth Robinson and Stephanie Young

This was hands-down the most popular and well-attended of the readings I've hosted so far. Elizabeth has been kind enough to host just about every poet in the Bay Area at one time or another in her lovely backyard, and I was thrilled to have her read here. Her work at its best has a rich and mysterious quality that calls to mind the esoteric, mystic strain of poetry I associate with Robert Duncan and other Bay Area writers. I have a copy of her haunting book Harrow around somewhere, but my shelves are a mess. Stephanie Young has taken the poetry world by storm with her blog and her energy and spirit, so refreshing in a scene that often seems a tad stilted. Her work, and her emphasis on poet as part of a community, reminds me of the New York school through and through. There's a playfulness with language and an everydayness that's nothing short of beguiling. A wonderful reading in which everyone seemed to float above the floor like at one of Dick Diver's parties on the French Riviera.

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