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September 17, 2004: Stephen Berry and Marcia Roberts

First reading of the new season, and a damn good one (although not many folks were there to see it). What they missed: Stephen Berry reading some beautiful Osip Mendelstam translations, which he painstakingly undertook himself, having majored in Russian at SF State. Ezra would've been proud. Then some shavings from his two or three slim chapbooks, To and Simple Talk among them; finally, he mesmerized us with a by-heart rendition of a new, rhymed "epic" piece that he's currently working on. Stephen is to be admired for taking his work to the streets and publishing it the old-fashioned way, i.e., by doing lots of readings. Please look for him at other readings around town.

Next up, Marcia Roberts read her entire book Open Eye, fresh from Skanky Possum. Her work is extremely condensed and honed over many years of study with master poets, and proved a challenging but rewarding listen, the music of the lines ringing from one part to the next. The book weaves ruminations on loss and death with current events and moments of quiet jubilation. Please visit Skanky Possum for information about this wonderful new tome.

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