June 2005

Dear Friends: As some of you have already heard, I'll be leaving San Francisco in August to pursue an MFA in poetry at Texas State in San Marcos, TX (near Austin). I promised myself I wouldn't get all sappy about all the people and things I'll miss - there are too many to name, really (although the burritos at Pancho Villa come strongly to mind). So this is it... a month or so to hang out, do the things I've never done that I wanted to (hello, Yosemite), and say goodbye. There will also be a few chances to do that "formally" in the next couple of months, but please feel free to drop me a line and make a date to buy me lunch or dinner or something like that.

Saturday, July 16: I'll be reading in the San Francisco Poetry Marathon at the Lab, along with many other poets, I'm not sure who else is reading, but it will be good. Bring a seat cushion.

Saturday, July 23: A 35th Birthday party/farewell at the house I'm currently living at in Cole Valley. Not just a house; my friends Jason, Kara, and Amy live there, and it's the legendary home of the late Cole to Breakers event, and the Cole Valley Film Festival. We'll do BBQ and read some poems and hear some music by my friends, including Jason Kleinberg of 86, Sonny Smith, and Bruce Ackley of Rova.

Monday, July 25: For those of you who like your readings in a more traditional format, a reading at Bird & Beckett in Glen Park. Special guests to be announced as the date gets closer, but save the date; this will be the absolute last chance to see me read in SF until they beg me to come back years from now when I'm famous.

I'd also like to mention that Dale Smith's new book Notes No Answer is now out on habenicht press, a bittersweet little book with a beautiful letterpress cover by Ryan Newton of New College fame. It's available for order on this site.

Along with other titles by Diane di Prima, Mytili Jagannathan, and Sarah Peters. Please buy some books so I have enough money to make it to Austin!

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