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The Friday Night Reading Series, at least in its current configuration in San Francisco, is no more. After 18 readings and many wonderful poets, I'd like to thank everyone for making it a nice, community event. Look for something like it to resume in Texas, eventually.

Archived Readings

April 9, 2005 Scott Pierce, Anna Eyre, and Joe Massey
March 11, 2005 Susanna Kittridge and Stephen Vincent
February 26, 2005 Kathleen Miller, Ara Shirinyan, and Robert Paredez
December 11, 2004 Pireeni Sundaralingam and Chuck Stebelton
October 29, 2004 Rusty Morrison and Mary Burger
September 17, 2004 Stephen Berry and Marcia Roberts
May 28, 2004 Brandon Brown and Cynthia Sailers
May 21, 2004 Sarah Rosenthal and James Meetze
April 30, 2004 David Larsen and Rodney Koekeke
March 26, 2004 Brent Cunningham and Karen Yamashita
February 27, 2004 Micah Ballard and Ryan Newton
December 19, 2003 Stuart Bousel
August 22, 2003 David Hess, Andrew Felsinger, and Summi Kaipa
June 13, 2003 Cassie Lewis and K. Silem Mohammad
May 30, 2003 Alex Blasdel and Owen Hill
May 9, 2003 Elizabeth Robinson and Stephanie Young
April 11, 2003 Duncan McNaughton and Roger Snell
December 20, 2002 kari edwards and Michael Smoler

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